Fly Fishing In Seychelles

Location: Mahe

Boasting some of the finest and richest fishing grounds in the world, the Seychelles Islands offer thrilling fishing experiences which few places would ever be able to match. Promising great excitement with various possibilities, fishing in the Seychelles waters is a life-time adventure and the dream of most seasoned anglers. Our waters have claimed world records for dog-fish tuna and pacific bonito and fly fishing is an experience definitelynot to be missed. Just close your eyes and see yourself thigh-deep in the clear turquoise water of your favourite fishing destination enjoying your favourite sport. That’s the Seychelles Islands…another world, the only place with world class fly fishing to turn your dream into reality. Both the inner and outer islands of the Seychelles group offer excellent fishing, but for avid fly fishing lovers, a trip to the coralline outer islands will be like the ‘cherry on the cake.’ Fly Fishing Excursions (Inner Islands) guided half or full-day ‘flats’ and ‘boat’ fly fishing trips can be organized around Mahé and neighbouring islands. Casting instructions and equipment are available upon request.